Thursday, November 15, 2012

Portland Oregon Lifestyle Photographer | Our Everyday

I've teamed up with a group of lovely and talented ladies to start a new blog circle featuring images of our everyday. A chance to turn the camera around and back on my family and my kids. The theme is pretty open and I intend to mostly showcase lifestyle images that expand on our everyday.

Sunday donuts. Church, donuts, nap: our Sunday ritual only broken on the occasion someone is sick or we are out of town or some unforeseen emergency. Sometimes we get a dozen donuts from the local bakery or the market, sometime we grab a few boxes of Hostess minis and take them back to the house for brunch, but one of our favorites is going in to the donut shop and making a date out of it.

Please visit Misty's blog here to view the next post in this blog circle :)

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  1. Love it! We had a special moment at a donut stop this summer in my home town.

  2. Ooh, I am coveting that sprinkle donut! Yummm! Beautiful post, Kimberly!

  3. I love that you chose to photograph a family ritual (and what a fab ritural it is!) These are such lovely lifestyle images and memories your family will treasure! And thanks for making me hungry for donuts BTW!

  4. Lovely capture! Your work is beautiful!

  5. Now I want a donut!! Beautiful post, Kimberly!

  6. I grew up in a family that had "Sunday donuts", too! And typically after church, but sometimes I could not wait that long! Traditions are wonderful and create such great memories! Love your images and how they capture the moment!


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